Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cooking Experiment: Smoked Salmon

smoked salmon is one of my favourite foods... last year i went to Melbourne i try this amazing smoked salmon open sandwich at one of the cafe there... i'm not a vegetable eater.. and this particular sandwich has loads of it.. and somehow i love it!! and when i came back i kept thinking about it.

so i tot why not make myself. it won't be that hard.. i'll just buy those store-bought smoked salmon.. easy peasy.. and when i went to Cold Storage (Tesco Mutiara doesn't have smoked salmon) i was shocked with the price.. nothing less thank RM15 and only few pieces in it.. then i remembered Paul once told me his colleague made smoked salmon.. and i go and asked him how.. and after that i google to have a better idea on how.. since i don't have smoked machine i combine the technique Paul told me and the one i found on internet.

Things that u'll need:
1. salmon (of course)
2. salt
3. sugar
4. rice
5. tea
6. aluminium foil
7. steel wire with stand
8. wok
note 1: i don't really have measurement for it.. but for 2 pieces of 5"x4" salmon i use 1tsp of each sugar and salt
note 2: you can put some pepper too if you like
note 3: if u can find chipped wood at your place you can use chipped wood instead of rice and tea

what you need to do:
1. if you have a good knife, sliced your salmon into thin layer. I don't have a good knife or even a good cutting skill. so i just de-boned the salmon.
2. then you need to cure your salmon by putting the salt, sugar (and maybe pepper) on your salmon. and the keep it over night.. like more than 12hours.
3. the next day, put a layer of aluminium foil on your work and then put the rice and tea on top of it.
4. put you steel wire on the wok and you can arrange your salmon on top of it.
5. use medium heat and wait till smokes start coming out from you rice.
6. then take something and cover your work so the smoke will stay inside the wok. i use my non-stick lid to cover my wok. the process is very quick, in 1 minute you should finish smoking your salmon.

easy right??

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