Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easy Cook: Garlic Butter Noodles

if you've been to William Corner in Tmn. Mayang, PJ. you might have try this before.. this is one of my favorite dish at William..
since i like lots of dishes there and i can't be ordering this all the time, i replicate the dish.. and this is my version of garlic butter noodles.. this recipe is for 2 serving..
4pieces of Vits dried noodles
3tbsp chopped garlics
3tbsp butter
2tbsp thick salty soy sauce
2tbsp water 1 cup thin sliced beef (william uses beef bacon tho')
a bit of cili padi if you like spicy foods
*no salt needed since u already use the salty soy sauce
*i sometimes add potatoes that i cut into cubes.

1. Cook your noodles. Make sure u don't overcook it.
2. Put butter in pan on low heat
3. Once butter melted, add garlic and use medium hit. (put chili after if you want it to be spicy)
4. i like my garlic to be slightly burned, but if you don't just wait for 5 seconds and put the beef
5. when the beef cooked put the soy sauce and water
6. mix well then add the noodles.
7. mix everything together and when the sauce already dry that mean it's ready

good serve while still hot.. :)

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