Friday, September 14, 2012

Easy Cook: Anything That You Got in Your Fridge

Sometimes you just bored with the same dish everytime.. and sometimes you don't even know what to cook..

recently i tried to make my all dishes as healthy as possible.. so i have lots of vege in the fridge.. i have to admit.. i used i hate vege... but now.. i can eat them.. not love but i tried to have as much as i can.. and chicken breast is one of the thing i have i my fridge.. i hate chicken breast.. i can never eat those that has not been cut.. unless i have lots and lots of chilli sauce.. so i usually make soup out of it.. or tomyam...

tonite i wanted grilled chicken.. and there's no way i can eat grilled chicken breast... so i improvised.. chopped them into pieces and pan grilled them...

Chicken breast cut into smaller cubes
Veges.. a few will be better... (i put long bean, potatoes, and capsicum)
Garlic powder

1. Marinate chicken & potatoes with salt and garlic powder
2. Pan grilled with very little vege oil (i use canola)
(How long it's really up to you.. but i like mine to be a bit burned..)
3. Add salt & pepper
4. Put vege wait until it's cooked..(i like mine a bit al dante.. so i didn't wait till it fully cooked)

and your are done! easy huh??
you can eat it just like that or with some white rice..

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