Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Easy Cook : Garlic Butter & Garlic Bread

Since this is my first recipe I was thinking why not post something very easy.

U must be thinking "what? I can get ready made from the store". Well trust me this tastes much better.

Garlic Butter


1 part salted butter (I use SCS butter)

1/3 part garlic

-(part means the amount is up to your liking, so your garlic must be 1/3 from your butter amount. But if u like stronger garlic flavor, u can just add more garlic. Maybe 1/2part)


1. Let your butter be @ room temperature

2. Chopped your garlics into very little pieces

3. Mix both butter & garlic together.

To store put it in covered container so that ur fridge won't smell like garlic. :)

Garlic Bread

This does not need any ingredients since u need bread only. For me any bread works. For this, I use English muffins.


1. Spread the garlic butter on your bread.

2. Take ur non-stick pan and warm it up. (u can use ur oven too. But I like my bread to be crunchy)

3. Toast your bread till the buttered sides are golden brown and u are done!

Bon appetite!

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