Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review: Beef Burgers!

one of the easiest things to make when you are in hurry! burgers!!

i prefer beef burgers than chicken burger... living here in Malaysia, it's very easy to get cheap burgers.. you can get it @ the stall on the street for only RM2.. but sometimes i'm just plain lazy to go out and i want a good beef burgers to my liking... so i just had to cook it..

i like my beef patty to be not so thick, beefy, and juice.. every made one myself but i've been tasting lots of them that i got from the supermarket.. and today i'd like to compare these 2 products..
both products are halal and not much different in price..

First Pride beef patties are yummy!!! they are very juicy... not so thick and not so thin.. i love it.. they are so good that u can eat it just like that.. err maybe with some salads ;p..
one of the best thing about it, you can cook it straight after taking it out of the freezer.. they don't stick to each other.. the price is RM8.60 and you can get it at Tesco..
i'm giving 4.5stars for it!

then, i tried Darabif beef patties.. their normal ones are out of stocks so i bought their junior beef burgers.. when i open the box i got so turn off with the colors.. they are light brown almost grey?? not brown/red-ish like normal beef patties.. then they are not round, they are oval!
the taste is not like a beef burger at all.. they are thick and tasted very much like a process foods.. well not like they taste like chemical or something.. but it's like eating sausage or something like that.. they stuck to each other when i take it out from the freezer.. so i had to defrost it.. i had doing that!
i was thinking maybe because they are junior beef burgers.. and it is meant for kids... so to be fair i bought the normal ones..
and guess what, it is almost the same as the junior burgers... except that they are thicker and slightly big.. i was very disappointed.. the price is about RM7.50.
i think mc'donald's beef burger tasted much better..
sadly i'm not giving Darabif any star since they are expensive and i must say it's not worth any single cents i spend for it..

if u have tasted any good beef patties, do let me know and maybe i can try it!

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  1. Never tried First Pride beef time I see one, will try it :)