Monday, February 6, 2012

Easy Cook: Teriyaki Beef

do u remember that we used to have a japanese restaurant called Yoshinoya? i love their beef rice.. since they closed all the outlets the only time i get something like that will be when i make a trip to Indonesia. They have a restaurant called Hoka Hoka Bento and they have the teriyaki beef bento set.. and it is almost as good as the one in Yoshinoya...

i was crazing for it the other day so i google for teriyaki beef recipe.. most of the recipes are with spices that i don't have at home.. so i try to make my own.. and guess what.. it works! so i want to share it here..

200gm beef (sliced thin. you can also just buy the beef slice at supermarket)
5tbsp salty soy sauce (add more if u think its not enough)
3tbsp teriyaki sauce
2medium size big red onion / yellow onion
1tsp corn flour
1/2cup water
1tbps vegetable oil

1. Marinate beef with soy sauce. Keep in fridge for 1hour
2. Slice onions
3. Pre-heat oil and sautee onion (don't have to wait till the onion is brown)
4. On low heat, add the marinated beef & teriyaki sauce
5. Mix the corn flour to the water and add to the beef mixture
6. Cook until the beef is cook and it's ready to be serve

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