Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shopping Tips: Stand Mixer

i've been busy travelling and i didnt have time to cook! or even say hi here. sorry about that.

when i was away i tried so so many new foods and it all went into my notes to try cooking them.. and when i do, i will definitely share the recipe here.

ok back to the point. if u read my previous entry i did mention that i'm using a hand mixer. I've been using it since i first started living on my own and wanted to try baking a brownies..

When my trip was confirmed i was wondering if i can get a cheap stand mixer there and start doing my research. Here's the thing, most popular brand for mixer in Malaysia is Kitchen Aid and Kenwood. I actually fell in love with Kenwood when i saw it 2 years back. But it was ridiculously expensive. Like RM3000++ for a mixer. how crazy is that??

if you are going to the US, Kitchen Aid is cheap. But since the voltage is different you need to buy a transformer to use it here..
and if you are going to the UK, Kenwood is cheap. Voltage is the same, so u can just use it here..

Things that you need to do before you go:
1. Check out what brand and model of the mixer you want to buy
2. Check the price in your local shop
3. Make sure u have enough baggage allowance (a stand mixer can be 10kg - 15kg heavy)

Things that you do before you go:
1. Ask the hotel you staying if you can get people to deliver things to you there even before you arrive. (they might ask what the thing is)
2. If yes, get the hotel address
3. Go to ebay and start shopping for your mixer!!
4. and make sure the item arrives while u are there or before u arrive
5. if the hotel said no, look for ebay seller located at the place u are going
6. Contact them and ask if they do COD.
7. If yes, get them to reserve the item and get their address and contact no and let them know when you will be coming.

Things that you do after you arrive
1. Go and collect your item!!

you can check in your mixer without any problem. i however, did a the security wrap at the airport just to make sure nothing will be missing from the box.

bare in mind, things on ebay usually will be cheaper than normal shop. well, u can also check online how much will it be in normal shop.
if there is no ebay seller at the place you are going, you can always check what shop selling it online. and don't ever forget to get their address!

i bought mine at about RM1100. It's Kenwood Chef Premier KMC510. I even get a flexible beater and a liquidiser attachment with the mixer. and yes i bought it on ebay and i went to collect it from the seller. in their normal shop, the same mixer without the flexible beater and liquidiser cost about RM800 more. Still cheaper than the one sold in my beloved home country, malaysia.